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A selection of my audio and written work. 


Two of Cups/ KCRW 24-Hour Radio Race

Do tarot cards already know what we should know? Former telephone tarot card reader, Ben Hawkins, sheds some light on what the cards can tell us.This piece was produced and edited by Cristina Kim, Geraldine Ah-Sue, & Ben Hawkins for the 2015 KCRW 24-Hour Radio Race.

You Do You/ WOC POdcast 

Welcome to WOC; a podcast celebrating women of color as the makers and storytellers of our own lives. In this episode, Tania, Tara and Lesley kick things off by talking about their experiences of community, identity and self-love.

Belief/ D2d Sessions

D2D Facilitators share some of their favorite stories from the road that explore the terrain of belief. What does it mean to believe? Where does believe lie? What's it like to be a Facilitator? Listen and join us as we explore...BELIEF. 

Extending Health Insurance/ The California Report 

With unemployment at 12 percent in California, many young college graduates are unable to find jobs, let alone jobs with health insurance. So some are opting to stay in school and take classes just to remain on their parents' health plan. KQED intern Cristina Kim co-produced this report with reporter Sarah Varney.