It never ceases to amaze me how much you can learn not just about individuals, but entire communities just by asking questions and listening. Over the years, I have honed my skills as an interviewer, facilitator and engaged listener. Below is a selection of some of people I have I had the chance to meet, record and interview over the past few years. 

Harvey Dong 

I interviewed Harvey Dong, an Ethnic Studies lecturer at UC Berkeley and owner of Eastwind Books, about his involvement in the Third World Liberation Front and the violently repressed 1969 student strike for a Third World College.  Below is an excerpt from his full length interview, which  will  be available soon on the UC Berkeley Oral History Center's online archive

Cliff Dochterman 

I conducted a 10-hour life history interview with Cliff Dochterman, a former Rotary International President and University administrator, as part of the UC Berkeley Oral History Center's collection on philanthropy. The full transcript and other excerpts are available the Oral History Center's online archive

Wanda Stewart 

I interviewed Wanda Stewart, a Garden and Food Systems teacher at Hoover Elementary in Oakland, CA, about her work and her hopes for the future of African American urban agricultural community and food justice. I edited this piece for the 27th episode of Racist Sandwich. 

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Storm Reyes & Jeremy Hagquist

I recorded and facilitated the conversation between Storm Reyes and her son Jeremy Hagquist at the Pierce County Library in Tacoma, WA. The NPR story (below) was edited and produced by Michael Garofalo and Dan Collison. This touching interview was also made into an acclaimed short animation.